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Safe transportation of biological material

We quickly deliver to any part of the world

Personal shipment state control

The vertical orientation of the shipment vessel, monitoring of temperature and liquid nitrogen evaporation.

Personal shipment state control
Protection from damage

No risks of mechanical damage, such as transportation vessels being hit or falling over.

Protection from damage
Safe transportation

Undergoing transportation control without X-ray screening and inspection.

Safe transportation

We are IVF couriers transporting eggs, embryos and sperm around the world

CryoLogistic is courier transportation of biological material for IVF all around the world. We deliver human embryos, oocytes and sperm cells for the reproductive community all around the world. We strive to help patients, clinics and labs deliver embryos, sperm, oocytes, blood and tissue samples quickly, safely and securely.

Since 2007 we have been working with patients, laboratories, and clinics in transporting biological material used for IVF around the world. For your transportation to be safe and secure, we transfer embryos, oocytes, sperm, and other tissue samples using the “personal transportation” service. The delivery is completed by a professional courier who does not let go of your biological during the whole process. Our cryogenic vessels for transportation of biological material in the liquid nitrogen vapour are systematically being checked. All our dry shippers are equipped with temperature registrators and GPS trackers for our clients to be calm and comfortable during delivery.

CryoLogistic specialises in the safe delivery of human embryos, oocytes, sperm, and blood to be used in IVF for patients, clinics, laboratories, and agencies worldwide. Our experienced couriers will be cautiously transferring your material by land, sea and air.

We offer you to use the courier services of CryoLogistic

Being professional is very important for us; that is why we use only the best equipment of its kind, including high tech data registrators that allow us to monitor vital signs, such as location, temperature, light impact, and the lack of vibration and hits. It does not matter whether you need a delivery for a surrogate mother program or an IVF program with donor oocytes or sperm, or whether you need to transfer your embryo; we will help you do this in the safest, professional and economically beneficial way. 

Courier services

Our goal is to provide safe, secure and professional options for delivery for patients, clinics, laboratories and IVF agencies. The delivery of embryos, oocytes, and sperm is not always an easy decision-it is associated with several risks and expenses. We try to keep our prices reasonable while at the same time minimise risks. We use high-quality equipment and provide quality service for our clients.

  • Individual service from door to door.
  • 24-hour monitoring of the package.
  • GPS and temperature monitoring in real-time.
  • Only tested equipment of good quality.
  • Possibility to have your package insured.
  • Safe and effective routes.
  • Providing help with completing the paperwork.
  • Trained and responsible couriers.
  • No X-ray impact.
  • Easy and safe ways to pay.
  • Customs clearance.
  • 24-hour availability.
deliveries completed around the world
long-term cooperations with dozens of clinics
we practice delivery since 2007
express delivery can be completed in 24 hours

Delivery options

Most of our clients who are involved in IVF choose our service «Personal Transportation».

It is the safest way to transfer embryos, oocytes, and sperm. One of our professional couriers will deliver your samples from one laboratory to another. In case of all the required paperwork available, we can collect and deliver the samples to any country in the world. We will be with your samples all the time during the delivery, including the flights.

To transfer your embryos, oocytes, and sperm, we use only high-quality transportation vessels that are being checked regularly. GPS navigators constantly track your package in real-time, and temperature registrators monitor the current temperature. Safety and security are vital when delivering valuable cargos, such as embryos, oocytes, and sperm. That is why we constantly invest in our equipment and our staff’s training.

We will discuss the delivery date and all the required paperwork for the import/export of your samples with you and the clinics. We will also organise the logistics and cooperation with airlines and airport security to get the release from the X-ray permit beforehand and create the safest and secure route.

Our delivery option «Personal Transportation» is the safest way of delivering your samples.

Additionally to our service «Personal Transportation», we can organise the transportation of your frozen embryos, sperm, or oocytes with the help of our commercial partners, such as FedEx, DHL, and other courier companies.

The whole process of delivery will be coordinated and controlled by us. We will send a fully prepared and loaded vessel for transportation to a clinic and organise the reception and delivery of the samples.

Delivery with the help of our partners is a good option for some destinations, such as inland transport in the US and Canada, as well as some other international destinations. For some international routes, we would not recommend this option. The main advantage of commercial courier delivery is its price-it is cheaper. However, we have less control over the delivery and can not guarantee that our request for the release from an X-ray screening will be completed.


Which option is better?

Without any doubt, our service «Personal Transportation» of biological material is the best option for international transportations, as well as inland transport in the Russian Federation. We have complete control and know exactly where the package is and what condition it is in at any time. However, it is a more expensive option.

If you have a limited budget and the clinic or lab where the samples should be delivered is located within a safe route, you can consider the service «Commercial transportation».

Safe transportation of oocytes, sperm, embryos, and other cells

We discuss the details of the transportation.
We will agree on the date of transportation and will choose a suitable route.
We will prepare all the paperwork.
We will prepare an offer for you and will discuss the possible times of delivery. Most of our clients contact us 1-3 months before the alleged delivery date.
We will collect your cells personally.
We will agree on the exact date of transportation and will choose the most suitable path for you.
We will prepare a transportation report.
We will keep you updated and informed during the whole process of transportation.

With us, delivery around the world is guaranteed

Personal transportation

Personal transportation

Individual package supervision
Express delivery

Express delivery

Can be completed in 24 hours
Cargo location

Cargo location

24-hour monitoring
No X-Ray screening

No X-Ray screening

Cryologistic offers to insure your samples during our transportation up to US $20,000

Our "Personal Transportation" service is the safest and most reliable way to transport samples, such as: embryos, eggs and sperm, but unforeseen events may occur. If your samples are lost or damaged while using the Personal Transportation service, we will automatically refund all service fees paid. You can also purchase additional coverage with our supplemental insurance option.

This insurance offer is optional, and the premium must be paid if you choose to get coverage. The insurance covers the loss and / or damage to your embryos, eggs and sperm during transportation and storage by Cryologistic. However, the insurance policy does not cover the quality or viability of the samples, the methods of thawing and freezing the samples, or the end result of IVF-related treatment.

Our "Personal Transportation" service is the best way to send embryos, eggs or sperm. We focus on reliability and safety during the entire cycle of the transport process. However, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that some unexpected events may not occur along the way. Our insurance provides you with some financial protection in the event of damage or loss of your samples due to, for example, shippers not observing the temperature regime, lost or stolen cargo, as well as in cases such as: natural disasters, aviation or road accidents.

You can also purchase your own insurance policy through a local broker or insurance company!

Round-the-clock monitoring

What we track
We use an almost real-time data logging system that allows us to monitor samples around the clock during storage and transportation.
We can find out the location of cargo almost in real time mode, using cellular communication, Wi-Fi and satellite communication.
We always know the temperature at which the samples are stored, which allows us to react quickly in case of temperature deviations.
Transport vessels should be in an upright position for most of the time. This is necessary in order to achieve the maximum time to maintain the desired temperature.
We control the absence of the influence of light rays on transported object. This allows us to know when the transport vessel has been opened.
Bumps and Vibrations
Excessive bumps, vibrations and falls can compromise proper functioning of a transport vessel, so we monitor this vital indicator throughout the entire transportation.

The price of cryoshipping
depends on the specific destination

Our goal is to provide safe and reliable delivery of biomaterials at reasonable prices. As a rule, we do not compete only by price. Professionalism, safety, reliability and good service are an important part of our cost structure.

Our price includes everything except permits and legal expenses. Our prices depend on the following factors we must take into account: the place of departure and receipt, the time frame, the cost of air tickets and our time costs. Contact us for a consultation and we will promptly provide you with a price offer.

Documents required by Cryologistic for transportation

  • Service request form – a document with a detailed description of the names, addresses and contacts of both medical institutions involved in transportation, as well as other additional information.
  • Services Provision Contract – a Contract between you and Cryologistic, that sets out the main terms, conditions, possible risks, etc.
  • Medical reports – copies of laboratory reports concerning embryos, sperms or eggs.
  • A power of attorney is a document confirming that you, as an owner of the samples, have hired Cryologic to move your samples and that we have the right to work on your behalf in relations with customs, medical, aviation and airport structures.
  • Import/Export Permits if necessary - some countries require permits to import or export human biological materials, such as embryos, eggs, and sperm. Please obtain an appropriate permissions and provide us with a copy of originals.

Frequently asked questions

Since about 2015, we have focused almost entirely on the needs of the reproductive community to deliver biomaterial for IVF programs. CryoLogic is a small team dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and low-cost logistics services to Expectant parents, clinics, laboratories, surrogacy agencies, and egg donation agencies. We are well aware of how the whole IVF process works and how important reproductive samples are. Our employees have been through the whole process themselves several times and understand how expensive it is, how much time and emotional energy it takes to get embryos, sperm and eggs. As such, our goal at CryoLogic is to provide the global reproductive community with professional and reliable delivery.


Safe transportation of biological material

The value of your reproductive cells is beyond calculable. Therefore, we perceive the importance of their safety while being transported as our highest priority. We arrange a smooth transport and keep you informed throughout whole shipping process.

Let's make the transport happen!

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